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Freeverse Dashboard and Freeverse Marketplace

The Freeverse Dashboard and the Freeverse Marketplace are web-based interfaces to our Living Assets and auctions API. The Dashboard allows universe owners to create and edit Living Assets, while the marketplace allows users to trade Living Assets for FIAT currency, using their credit cards and bank accounts. This page features several videos demonstrating the functionality of both applications.


The Freeverse Marketplace is intentionally unbranded and can be reskinned quickly to the needs and requirements of the client.


The Freeverse dashboard permits Universe owners to create new Living Assets, and edit the properties of existing assets. All properties are verified and stored on the underlying blockchain.

The video below demonstrates the process of logging in to the dashboard, creating a new Living Asset, and editing its properties after creation.



The Freeverse marketplace allows users to trade Living Assets among themselves, paying in FIAT currency, using their cards and bank accounts.

Peer-to-peer payments

The marketplace allows users to trade NFTs with direct peer-to-peer payments. This means that there are no intermediaries - money is transferred directly from one user to another (with commission for the transaction, see below).

New Users

New users must register with an email address, which is then verified by entering a code received by email. This verification is a requirement as a basic Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure, and must be completed before the user is able to buy or sell assets.

"Floating" wallet with 2FA

To facilitate integration with videogames, mobile apps, etc., we make use of a 2 factor authentication (2FA) system. It conveniently allows users to onboard the marketplace without having to use external plugins, and yet, enjoy 2FA, where one of the factors is "access to sigup email" and the other is, as always, the private key. The latter is, as always, created in their own device, and, in this case, exported in an encrypted form. The Freeverse Marketplace offers convenient ways for the user to export their key in a string encrypted with their entered password.

Note that the fact that one of the factors has a side benefit: owning a verified email is an imperative for any transaction in FIAT, even below €2500, as they require the email as the basic KYC info.

We will integrate Metamask very soon, to welcome already-onboarded crypto users.

Auction system

The Marketplace uses, by default, an auction system (much like eBay or similar). A 'Buy-it-now' option is planned and will be coming soon.


All financial transactions are managed (transparently to the user) by our 3rd Party Payments provider, PaynoPain. Users are able to pay and withdraw with their card. Should the currency of the card not match the currency of the auction, an instant conversion is carried out by PaynoPain, at market rates.


Freeverse charges a commission on all peer-to-peer sales; this commission is shared with the original creator of the asset. Each Freeverse client is free to set the commission that they desire.


Each Freeverse user is assigned a balance on their account, which stores the money they have received for selling their assets. Users are free to withdraw any amount they wish at any time, there is a fixed-fee of 5€ charged for every withdraw action. Once withdrawn, money typically appears in the account within 1-3 days.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

Our payment-provider will only ask for (KYC) details once a user has engaged in more than €2500 over the period of a year.

Video Demonstrations

The following videos demonstrate various functionalities of the marketplace.

Creating a New Account

Putting an Asset for Sale


Withdrawing Money