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Freeverse Layer-2 Scaling Technology

Freeverse's patent pending Layer-2 scaling technology allows you to create any number of NFTs as next-to-zero cost; change the properties of any existing asset at any time; and are so cost-effective when changing ownership that we absorb any cost for you. And all while being 100% certified on chain. The code will be open sourced during the next months.

Layer 2 Computation

Our Layer 2, plugged into any Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain, is represented by multiple computers that process all data off-chain. Incorruptibility of computation is guaranteed by a 1-of-N security system: it suffices that only one node is honest (unlike the 51% required by blockchains or sidechains).

Layer 1 Certification

Anyone, anytime, can continue using the underlying Layer 1 to certify who is the owner of every asset, what are the current asset properties (speed, look, level, etc...) and what they were at any moment in the past. Hence, smart contracts can be built in a decentralized way that use primitives such as “I want to acquire this asset only if its level is 23”, or “Grant access to this game because the owner owns one of the top 10 assets of...”.

Asset Import/Export

Assets can be imported from any smart-contract-based blockchain (Ethereum, XDAI, EOS, Polkadot, etc.). They can also be exported/withdrawn to the L1, in a permissionless manner. Typical import/withdraw time : 15-30min.

Data Availability

The Layer 2 data is always available (and certified by Layer 1) via multiple paths: IPFS, every node of the Layer 2, as well as via clients of the platform. We encourage our clients to run a data availability node for our Layer 2, a process which is simple, cheap, and benefits the client.