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Supported Currencies


The Living Assets platform supports trading in most native cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. It is straightforward to add support for further native cryptos or ERC20 tokens, as long as they live in EVM compatible blockchains. Just contact us if interested.

Trades for each asset are initiated in one single chosen currency, uniquely identified by a currencyId. All potential buyers of that particular asset will need to pay in that currency.


Check the get supported cryptos example for more info.

The following query exemplifies a query for some of the most important info about about all supported currencies:

    nodes {

Return parameters

The returned data contains, first, the smart contract that operates the payments:

  • paymentsContractAddress.

Then, a set of descriptors about the accepted currency:

  • currencyId: the currency's unique identifier;
  • symbol: the short symbol used by the currency's coin;
  • isErc20: (bool) if true, the accepted currency is an ERC20 token, otherwise, it's the native currency of the underlying blockchain;
  • erc20ContractAddress: if isErc20 == true, the query returns the address where the ERC20 token contract is deployed in the underlying blockchain.

Finally, a set of descriptors of the underlying blockchain where the escrow contract is deployed:

  • networkName: the short name of the blockchain, e.g. Ethereum;
  • chainID: the underlying blockchain chainId, e.g. 100;
  • bluecoinSymbol: the symbol of the cryptocurrency native to the underlying blockchain. If isErc20 == false, then symbol == bluecoinSymbol.
  • nodeUrl: the address of a public node of the underlying blockchain to which TXs can be sent;
  • confirmationBlocks: the recommended number of mined blocks to wait after before a transaction can be considered as final in the underlying blockchain.