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⏱ Getting Started

Get up and running with our example code and start developing your Freeverse integration. Once you complete this quickstart guide, you will be able to create, assign, and update Living Asset NFTs in your universe; and your users will be able to trade them on the Freeverse web Marketplace (or your own instance of it, should you choose to license the marketplace from us).


After signing up with Freeverse, you will have a "universe" created for you where you can create, edit, and sell NFTs. We will provide you with the API url to access your universe.


We will create a sandbox universe for you initially, where you can experiment with the API. Once you are ready, we'll create a clean, production universe for your application.

Freeverse uses cryptographic authentification to verify that changes made within a universe are done so by the universe owner. Our platform supports cryptographic identities generated using the Ethereum protocol: each identity consists of a private key (known only by you) and associated public id (the address derived from the private key).

To start using the sandbox environment, you should pass us your public ethereum address (for help doing this see here). We will assign this account as the unique universe administrator, permitting you to create and edit assets.

With the universe created, you can now start using the API to query and modify your universe.


  1. Querying your universe - to read the current state of your universe.

  2. Creating and update assets - to make a change to the state of your universe.

  3. Involving your users - to enable your users to view and trade their Living Asset NFTs.