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For your users to be able to trade their NFTs on the Freeverse platform, they must also have an Freeverse Identity, which follows the ethereum address protocol (private key/address). To avoid confusion with private/public key nomenclature, we call the public address FreeverseID.

Freeverse Marketplace


The Freeverse Marketplace is a web application that enables users to view, buy and sell Living Asset NFTs that you have created within your universe. The Marketplace simplifies things for you as it allows users to create an account and associate an email for trading, without you having to implement anything further.

You can choose for assets to appear within the generic Freeverse Marketplace, where they will be mixed among other assets from other universes.

Alternatively, you can license the Marketplace and host it yourself, in which case it can be reskinned with your logos and brand, and feature only the assets from your universe. If you are interested in this, please get in touch.

Onboarding Users Within Your Custom Application

If you wish to allow users to view and engage with their NFTs within your application, without resorting to the Marketplace, you will need to register a FreeverseID for each user. For more detailed information about this topic, please see Creating, Exporting, and Importing Accounts.